Community Design

Downtown Zoning By-law update
The City is updating Downtown Zoning By-law regulations and reviewing downtown commercial zones. Click to learn more.

Community design is the process of designing and shaping cities. It is essential to building an attractive, well-functioning city while planning for future growth. Several plans and strategies are in place to help our city grow.

Plans and strategies and guidelines

Official Plan

The Official Plan is a statement of goals, objectives and policies intended to guide future land use, physical development, growth and change within the corporate limits of the City of Guelph. The policies of the Plan are designed to promote the public interest in the future development of the City, to maintain and enhance the good quality of life for the citizens of Guelph, to reduce uncertainty concerning future development, and to provide a basis for the Zoning By-law and other land use controls.

Downtown Secondary Plan – Envision Guelph Downtown

Envision Guelph Downtown will set a long term vision to guide future development within the study area over the next 20 years. It will focus on how change should occur downtown with an emphasis on land use and urban design. It will become part of the City’s Official Plan, which is the document that manages land use policy and change.

Guelph Innovation District (York District Lands)

The Guelph Innovation District is vital to meeting employment and housing targets consistent with Guelph’s Growth Management Strategy and the Province’s Growth Plan; supporting an economic cluster focused on green-economy and innovation sector jobs; and offering opportunities for integrated energy planning as part of the Community Energy Initiative.

Development Priorities Plan (DPP)

The Development Priorities Plan is intended to manage the rate and timing of development in the City. The DPP provides a multi-year forecast of development activity as measured by the anticipated registration of draft plans of subdivision and the monitoring of infill development. The goal of the DPP is to manage growth in a balanced and sustainable manner in keeping with the City’s Strategic Plan.

Transportation Master Plan

The 2005 Guelph-Wellington Transportation Study (GWTS) addresses the transportation needs in Guelph-Wellington for the planning period from 2001 to 2021.

Traffic Impact Study Guidelines

As specifics of a development are known, it is necessary to examine its impacts on the transportation system. In most cases, the onus is on the developer to conduct a Transportation Impact Study (ITS) to address the transportation-related issues of the development and obtain approval of the study.

474 kBTraffic Impact Study Guidelines

Guelph Trail Master Plan

The goal of the Guelph Trail Master Plan (GTMP) is to develop a cohesive city wide trail system that will connect people and places through a network that is off-road wherever possible and supported by on-road links where necessary.

Prosperity 2020

Prosperity 2020 defines the strategic directions recommended to sustain and enhance Guelph’s position as a competitive and prosperous location for private and public sector investment over the period to 2020.

Recreation, Parks and Culture Strategic Master Plan

The Recreation, Parks and Culture Strategic Master Plan is designed to assist decision makers, stakeholders, and the general public in understanding the identified needs and priorities related to recreation, parks and cultural services, programs, and facilities within the City of Guelph.

Urban Forest Management Plan

The Urban Forest Management Plan provides a 20 year plan that will allow the City to shift to proactively and adaptively manage the urban forest on both public and private land. This Plan provides the City with recommendations and tools to move forward in a practical and progressive manner.

Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan

The Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan is intended to comprehensively plan the last unplanned area in the City of Guelph.  The study area is over 520 hectares, is generally located in the southeast of Guelph and is bound by Clair Road to the north, Victoria Road to the east, Maltby Road to the south and the eastern limits of the Southgate Business Park to the west.