Standing Committees

Standing Committees of Council facilitate the decision-making process of Council. Committees work on behalf of Council to provide advice and make recommendations to Council. They are an important forum for policy debate and public input on issues within Council’s area of responsibility. To capture the efficiency afforded by working in smaller groups, Council does not repeat the detailed discussion and analysis conducted by the Committee during Council sessions.

260 kBStanding Committee Terms of Reference

Agendas for Standing Committees are usually posted the Thursday afternoon preceding the meeting. Minutes are posted after they have been confirmed by Council or Committee at their subsequent meeting. For information updates concerning any matters appearing on the agenda, please contact the Clerk’s Department at 519-837-5603 (TTY 519-826-9771) or at

Each standing committee has established a Rolling Calendar that outlines the standard reports that are anticipated for each calendar year. The Calendar is not an inclusive list of all reports that will be placed on the agenda, but it provides a framework to ensure the committee’s mandate and charter is being fulfilled.

Standing Committees

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