Citizen Appointments

The City relies on the expertise of volunteers in the community and appoints approximately 200 citizens to one of the many Boards and Committees. Citizen appointments are generally made by City Council in November and June of each year. In order for a citizen to be eligible for appointment they must be a resident or owner of land in the City of Guelph who is at least 16 years of age.

Persons wishing to apply must submit an application form or a letter to the City Clerk’s office. When applications are being accepted, a copy of the application form is available online or may be picked up from the City Clerk’s office. If one chooses to submit a letter they should indicate their name, address, phone number, which committee they would be interested in sitting on as well as a paragraph detailing why City Council should consider their application.

Ads are prepared by staff and published on the City Page of the Guelph Tribune as well as located on the website. These ads will identify which committee(s) require citizens. There is also a brief description of the purpose of the committee as well as a few details on the meeting including usual starting time and meeting frequency. Applications will only be accepted for the committees identified in the notice.

Application for Advisory Committees/Boards Application for Accessibility Advisory Committee Criteria for Selection of PLC Members Citizen Appointment Policy

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City Clerk’s office