Advisory Committees

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Each year Guelph City Council appoints community members to sit on the Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee (GAAC). The role of the GAAC is to provide vision and direction to staff and Council regarding the removal of barriers that exist within Municipal services, practices and programs.

AAC agendas and minutes

Cultural Advisory Committee

Cultural Advisory Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph.

CAC agendas and minutes

Downtown Advisory Committee

The Downtown Advisory Committee will provide strategic input and advise to Council and Staff on matters pertaining to issues impacting the economic, social, cultural, environmental, physical and educational conditions in Downtown Guelph.

DAC agendas and minutes

Economic Development Advisory Committee

Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) is a citizen technical advisory group that is appointed by Council to provide advice to City staff.

EAC agendas and minutes

Guelph Cycling Advisory Committee

Guelph Museums Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to participate in strategic planning activities, initiate and participate in fundraising activities, act as ambassadors for the museums within the community, advise on approaches to increasing and maintaining members, and to approve community museum operating policies as required by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

GMAC agendas and minutes

Heritage Guelph

Heritage Guelph is an appointed committee of City Council. In an advisory capacity, Heritage Guelph is responsible for advising Council on matters relating to the architectural, cultural and landscape heritage of the city.

Heritage Guelph agendas and minutes

Locomotive 6167 Restoration Committee

Municipal Property and Building Commemorative Naming Committee

Naming Guelph’s assets

Waste Resource Innovation Centre Public Liaison Committee

This committee was formerly known as the Organic Waste Processing Facility Committee. The scope of this committee has grown to now include the review and exchange of information about the operations of all the facilities at the WRIC.

The Committee meets at the Waste Resource Innovation Center, 110 Dunlop Drive, Guelph.

PLC agendas and minutes

River Systems Advisory Committee

The River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC) is a volunteer council appointed committee that provides advice and assistance to City Staff and Council on issues that impact on waterways and adjacent lands within the City of Guelph.

RSAC agendas and minutes

Solid Waste Management Master Plan Review Public Steering Committee

In September 2008, Council adopted the recommendations of the Solid Waste Management Master Plan (SWMMP) – a guiding document that helps Guelph renew our status as a leader in waste management.  The 2008 Master Plan was driven by a Public Steering Committee that explored a wide range of waste minimization, diversion and disposal options. The twenty-five year plan provided recommendations on numerous short and long term waste minimization and diversion programs to help Guelph achieve our waste diversion targets. The 2008 Master Plan called for a review of program implementation and target achievement in 2013.

SWMMP Review Public Steering Committee agendas and minutes

Transit Advisory Committee

Water Conservation and Efficiency Public Advisory Committee

The Water Conservation & Efficiency Public Advisory Committee (WCEPAC) is a volunteer Council-appointed committee that provides ongoing feedback and advice to City Staff and Council on key aspects of implementation of the 2009 Water Conservation & Efficiency Strategy Update.

WCEPAC agendas and minutes

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