Advisory committees

From time to time Council establishes advisory committees, which are comprised of volunteer members from the community, to address a specific issue. Advisory committees are an important resource for supporting municipal government.

Some advisory committees are provincially legislated (i.e. Heritage Committee and Accessibility Advisory Committee), while others are created by Council to address specific subject matter (i.e. Environmental Advisory Committee and Transit Advisory) and have no defined end date. Other advisory committees may be created on an ad hoc basis with a specific end date (usually the completion of their mandate). Each advisory committee must adhere to a clearly defined mandate and Terms of Reference approved by Council. Advisory committees are held accountable through reports to Council at a minimum of once per term and by posting its agendas and minutes online.

Benefits of advisory committees

  • Provide citizen input into the strategic direction setting and decision-making of the municipality
  • Allow local government to adequately address issues
  • Enrich the community with events
  • Assist in easing the workload of Councillors
  • Allow staff and elected officials to draw on local talent and expertise

Want to help support your community by joining a committee? Find out how by visiting our Advisory Committee appointments page.

City of Guelph Advisory Committees

 Committee  Agendas/Minutes
 Accessibility Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Downtown Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Economic Development Advisory Committee  Not available
 Environmental Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Guelph Cycling Advisory Committee  Not available
 Guelph Museums Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Heritage Guelph  Agendas/minutes
 Locomotive 6167 Restoration Committee  Not available
 Municipal Property and Building Commemorative Naming Committee  More information
 Public Art Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 River Systems Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Solid Waste Management Master Plan Review Public Steering Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Tourism Advisory Committee  More information
 Transit Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Waste Resource Innovation Centre Public Liaison Committee  Agendas/minutes
 Water Conservation and Efficiency Public Advisory Committee  Agendas/minutes
Wellbeing Grant Allocation Panel  Agendas/minutes