CAO Employment Contract Highlights

The following are key highlights of the City of Guelph’s CAO employment contract

  1. Term of Agreement: June 2, 2016 to midnight on April 30, 2019.
  2. Base salary: $230,000 annually with no increases during the term of the contract.
  3. Benefits: Eligible to participate in health, dental, disability, insurance and any other employee benefit programs offered by the Employer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plans and policies.
  4. Automotive Allowance: $800 per month as compensation for both personal and business purposes.
  5. Vacation: Employee is entitled to six weeks of vacation annually.
  6. Overtime: Employee is not eligible for overtime, however will receive one week in lieu of all overtime worked in a year, in accordance with the Council approved NUME compensation policy.

In 2017, the CAO’s total taxable earnings were $278,614. This includes base salary; a one-time $20,128 stipend related to his work as lead negotiator for the Guelph Hydro-Alectra merger; $11,236 in taxable benefits and allowance such as automobile allowance; and $17,250 from a lump-sum vacation pay-out for 136.5 unused vacation hours.