Parkland Dedication Bylaw review and update


The City of Guelph is updating its parkland dedication strategy. This includes existing citywide parkland dedication policies, practices, procedures and bylaws.

Parkland dedication is one of a number of tools that the City uses to secure additions to its park system; it is also a tool that can be employed to manage or facilitate growth in Guelph.

The existing parkland dedication bylaw was adopted in 1989, with two amendments (1990 and 2007). Planning in Ontario broadly, and Guelph specifically, has evolved a great deal since the adoption of the original bylaw and an update is required.

The Planning Partnership will lead the study. Proposed updates will progress through multiple phases of community and stakeholder engagement as well as consultation with City staff and Council.


The parkland dedication review and update is being completed in five stages:

Stage 1 (Spring 2017)

The team will conduct background research, review and analysis to understand the existing parkland dedication approach in the City of Guelph as well as best practices from around Ontario.

Stage 2 (late spring 2017)

Internal stakeholders within the City of Guelph and key external stakeholders will be consulted in this stage to determine high-level interests, concerns, and options for parkland dedication policies moving forward.

Stage 3 (Summer 2017)

The team will draft guidelines and frameworks for an updated parkland dedication strategy, policies and bylaw based on Stage 1 and 2 findings. Stakeholders will be consulted once again to help refine the drafted updates.

Stage 4 (Fall 2017 and Winter 2018)

The team will prepare formal recommendations for a parkland dedication bylaw as well as updates to other City policies and practices. The public, key stakeholders and City council will be engaged to refine final recommendations.

Stage 5 (Spring 2018)

A final report with all recommendations will be completed, submitted to the City, and presented to council for approval.

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