2011 Performance Measures Report Card

2011 Financial Dashboard
Financial indicator 2011 Finding Change from 2010
Financial position
Positive Negative change
Operating surplus ratio Positive Negative change
Receivables as % of taxes levied Positive Negative change
Net financial assets Positive Positive change
Net financial asset as % of own revenues Positive Positive change
Debt to total reserve ratio Positive Negative change
Debt outstanding per $100 of Unweighted Tax assessment Caution Negative change
Debt interest as a % of own source of revenues Positive Positive change
Operating reserves as % of own source of revenue Caution Positive change
Capital reserve contributions as % of asset value Positive Positive change
 Capital reserve contributions to depreciation Positive Positive change
Liquid assets to total reserves Positive Positive change


Positive indicates to stay the course

Caution indicates we are in the right range but may be moving in the wrong direction

Negative indicates corrective action is necessary