2016 simulated budget results

Since August 4, residents have provided feedback on the City’s simulated budget exercise.

Based on the responses, property taxes would by %.

The 2016 simulated budget exercise is a pilot for the City. The feedback received is not statistically valid and will not inform the creation of the proposed budget.

Community feedback/results will be provided to Council during the budget process.

2016 simulated budget

Operating Budget

Respondents were asked to review the following services and indicate if funding for the services should be decreased, remain the same or increased. The following summarizes the average change respondents would like to see across the various services.

Services average taxes paid in 2015* Average respondent change
Guelph Public Library  $128 %
Guelph Police Service  $557 %
Emergency Services  $450 %
Guelph Transit  $221 %
Operations  $226 %
Culture, Tourism and Community Investment  $93 %
Parks and Recreation  $172 %
Solid Waste Resources  $167 %
Engineering and Capital Infrastructure  $48 %
Planning, Urban Design and Building Services  $53 %
Business Development and Enterprise  $26 %
Corporate Services  $170 %
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer  $52 %
Mayor and City Council  $14 %

* The average taxes paid is based on a given assessment of $301,770. With that, a residential homeowner would pay $3,758 in taxes – $3,170 for municipal taxes (City of Guelph) and $588 for Educational taxes.

Capital Budget

If respondents had $57 million to spend, they would you allocate those funds between the following capital programs as follows:

Services 3-year average allocation Average response allocation
Guelph Public Library 1% %
Guelph Police Service 14% %
Emergency Services 3% %
Guelph Transit 4% %
Culture, Tourism and Community Investment 1% %
Park Design and Maintenance 7% %
Recreation Programs and Facilities 8% %
Operations 7% %
Solid Waste Resources 5% %
Engineering and Capital Infrastructure 32% %
Planning, Urban Design and Building Services 1% %
Business Development and Enterprise 6% %
Facility Management 7% %
Corporate Services 4% %


Question Responses
Do you believe that the City should allocate additional funds for the cost to replace aging infrastructure?
How should the funds to replace the City’s aging water and wastewater infrastructure be collected? (check all those that apply)