Grow Guelph

Grow Guelph is Guelph, Ontario’s Business Retention and Expansion program.
It aims to create a strong local economy where businesses can grow and
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Grow Guelph BR+E program goals

  • Gain insight on the local economy and businesses
  • Build relationships with businesses in the community
  • Overcome barriers to business growth
  • Reward and champion local business success
  • Develop local strategies that help companies succeed

What Grow Guelph BR+E has to offer

  • Business visitations and needs assessment
  • Business development and marketing support
  • Industry information and networking events
  • Business facilitation and assistance
  • Connections to industry opportunities and programs
  • Business start-up and entrepreneurial assistance
  • Business awards and recognition

Guelph BR+E Task Force Team

Grow Guelph Business Video

For more information

Christine Chapman
Economic Development Officer
519-822-1260 extension 2823