Grow Guelph

Grow Guelph is Guelph, Ontario’s Business Retention and Expansion program.
It aims to create a strong local economy where businesses can grow and
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Grow Guelph BR+E program goals

  • Gain insight on the local economy and businesses
  • Build relationships with businesses in the community
  • Overcome barriers to business growth
  • Reward and champion local business success
  • Develop local strategies that help companies succeed

What Grow Guelph BR+E has to offer

  • Business visitations and needs assessment
  • Business development and marketing support
  • Industry information and networking events
  • Business facilitation and assistance
  • Connections to industry opportunities and programs
  • Business start-up and entrepreneurial assistance
  • Business awards and recognition

Guelph BR+E Task Force Team


Barbara Maly
Guelph Economic Development Services
City of Guelph


Christine Chapman
Economic Development Services
City of Guelph




Courtney Miller
Downtown Renewal, City of Guelph



Grow Guelph Business Video

For more information

Laurie Iversen
Program Coordinator
519-822-1260 extension 2394