Gordon Street green bike lane and bike box pilot survey

The City of Guelph is testing and evaluating changes to bike lanes on Gordon Street to reduce the number of collisions between people driving, walking and biking in this area. Now that the changes have been made, the City wants feedback from all road users—people who walk, bike, take buses or drive—and from local businesses and their employees.

Drawing of a bike box at an intersection. The bike box is painted green with white bike symbols and there are white car symbols with the painted words Wait here on the road in front of the bike box.

Example of a bike box

The following changes have been made:

  • Bike lane painted green on the southbound lane of Gordon Street through the intersection at Waterloo Avenue;
  • Bike lane painted green through on the southbound lane of Gordon Street from the intersection at Surrey Street to just north of Wellington Street.

The following changes are expected to be complete by Friday, July 14, 2017.

  • Bike box added at the intersection of Gordon Street and Waterloo Avenue.

The bike box helps people cycling by making them more visible to people driving when they are waiting to make left-hand turns from Gordon Street onto Waterloo Avenue.

The illustration shows a road intersection. The traffic signal is red. One person on a bike waits in the front left of a bike box painted green on the roadway, and another person on a bike is turning right from the bike lane. There are bicycle symbols painted inside the bike box and there are car symbols painted before the bike box with the words Wait Here. A car waits in the right lane behind the bike box.The bike lane pavement markings in the southbound and northbound directions of Gordon Street between Waterloo Avenue and Wellington Street have been painted thicker (20 cm) to increase the visibility of the bike lanes to people driving this route.

These changes make bicycle lanes and people using them more visible, signaling all road users to use extra caution at intersections and driveways, and reminding turning vehicles to slow down and watch for other road users, including people who are walking and biking.

Feedback will be used to determine whether the changes improve road users’ experiences along Gordon Street.

Check out the changes then take our survey


There were 300 collisions on Gordon Street between Waterloo Avenue and Wellington Street from  January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2016:

  • 207 (69 per cent) of the collisions led to an injury
  • 35 (11.6 per cent) of the collisions involved people cycling, an average of six per year
    • 22 (63 per cent) of the collisions involving people cycling happened while the cyclist was following the rules of the road
    • three (eight per cent) of the collisions involving people cycling happened when the cyclist failed to yield the right-of-way
  • nine (three per cent) of the collisions involved people walking, an average of 1.5 per year
  • 198 (66 per cent) of the collisions happened during turns into and out of businesses and roads

For more information

More information about how to use bike boxes for people driving and biking can be found under Cycling facilities at guelph.ca/bike.

More information about the pilot project can be found online at guelph.ca/construction under Gordon Street Pilot Project: Green Bike Lanes.