Downey Road traffic calming construction open house information

The Downey Road traffic calming construction open house was held May 18, 2017.

The following materials were shared at the open house:

About the project

The City is building traffic calming infrastructure on Downey Road to help address concerns from local residents about traffic speeds and community safety along Downey Road.

The City completed the Downey Road Transportation Improvement study to identify the appropriate roadway classification of Downey Road and identify options to reduce speeding and enhance the pedestrian and cyclist experience on Downey Road.

Council approved five of the six the recommendations of the Downey Road Transportation Improvement study in September 2016. Council did not approve the recommendation for a roundabout at Niska Road, and asked that staff report back on alternatives for this intersection at a later date. Traffic control plans for this intersection are still being considered.

The Cycling Master Plan is a 10-year strategy to make cycling easier, safer and more accessible in Guelph by building a connected network of on– and off–road bike facilities throughout Guelph. It is part of the City of Guelph’s efforts to support sustainable transportation, relieve traffic congestion, and make mobility accessible to all road users. Adding bike lanes to Downey Road will also help accommodate all road users, including public transit, cycling, pedestrians and vehicles.

The City of Guelph appreciates your patience and understanding as we complete this important infrastructure project. For more information about this project, including updates, please visit the Downey Road Transportation Improvement project page.

For more information

Ken VanderWal P.Eng., Project Engineer
Engineering and Capital Infrastructure Services
519-822-1260 extension 2319