Open house notice: Eastview Road sidewalk, multi-use path and storm sewer construction

Starwood Road to Watson Parkway North

The City of Guelph is hosting an open house to present construction plans for adding sidewalks, underground storm sewer infrastructure and a multi-use path on Eastview Road between Starwood Drive and Watson Parkway.

Monday, March 27
5:30–8 p.m.
Grange Hill East Neighborhood Group Room, Ken Danby Public School
525 Grange Road

Why come to the open house?

Map shows areas of Eastview getting sidewalks and multi-use pathsSidewalk work on the north side of Eastview Road, between Starwood Drive and Summit Ridge Drive, is expected to start in early to mid-July. There are no road closure impacts associated with this part of the work.

Underground infrastructure and multi-use path work is expected to begin in August. The City is proposing to close Eastview Drive to all traffic between Summit Ridge Drive and Watston Parkway North for the duration of this work, approximately four months.

Further work to finalize utility pole relocations and minor changes to the multi-use path are planned for 2018.

Up to 162 trees will be removed to accommodate the path. The City is working to minimize the number of trees being removed. The multi-use path route has been located to protect adjacent significant wildlife habitat. Tree removal will be completed before bird nesting season begins, and construction will begin after the amphibian breeding season. Trees will be replaced through a tree management plan in coordination with the Pollinator Park.

The open house is your opportunity to view project information, including maps and schedules, and to ask questions about traffic impacts and property access. You’re encouraged to provide comments and feedback to City staff at the open house.

About the project

The City is constructing sidewalk (350m), multi-use path (800m) and underground storm sewer infrastructure on Eastview Road between Starwood Drive and Watson Parkway North.

The sidewalk on Eastview Road between Watson Parkway and Summit Ridge Drive was identified for completion and inclusion in City’s active transportation network by the Sidewalk Needs Assessment and Active Transportation Network studies (2016) respectively. This segment connects two ends of the proposed active transportation network.

A multi-use path will be constructed along the south side of Watson Road from Summit Ridge Road to Watson Parkway North. The City will also be completing curbs and gutters, and adding local storm drainage.

For more information

Ken VanderWal P.Eng, Project Engineer
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2319