Speedvale Water Tower repainting and upgrades

White Speedvale Water Tower with Guelph painted in blue

Speedvale Water Tower before repainting

UPDATED: April 5, 2017

Guelph, Ont., February 17, 2017—The Speedvale Water Tower in Guelph’s west end is getting a new coat of paint, as well as other maintenance and upgrades this year.

Site preparation for exterior painting, including the assembly of scaffolding, has begun at the tower, located near the intersection of Speedvale Avenue West and Imperial Road North. The tower will maintain the current colours: white with blue text.

The tower is currently out of service until about the end of August. The scheduled maintenance includes draining the tank of its water, removing the existing paint, applying new paint to the tower’s interior and exterior surfaces, replacing some pipes and valves, and adding a new mixing system.

This work supports the City’s asset management program. The Speedvale tower hasn’t been painted or recoated since 1997. The coating systems applied in the 1990s normally last between 15 and 20 years. With proper maintenance, a water tower’s service life can be extended by more than 50 years.

Testing in March

The City took the Speedvale Water Tower out of service for one day in March to test the water system with the tower out of service. Water system tests were successful with no waster service delivery impacts, and planned work has now begun.

About Speedvale Water Tower

Pictures shows scaffolding in place all around the water tower

Scaffolding at the Speedvale water tower (photo by Shelley Beirnes)

  • Built in 1969, last recoated in 1997
  • Tower is built entirely of steel
  • Tower is 47 metres tall (the base is 347.5 metres above sea level)
  • The steel tank is 18 metres in diameter with a storage capacity of 2,260 cubic metres, enough water to almost fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • This accounts for about four per cent of Guelph’s entire water system storage.


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For more information

Karl Cober, Project Manager
Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2187