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Priority seating 101

Did you know that not all disabilities are visible? Guelph Transit is raising awareness about the availability of priority seating on buses.

Priority seating is located at the front of the bus for use by people with disabilities. All buses also have a courtesy seating area, located beyond the priority seating area, for seniors, expectant mothers, caregivers travelling with infants or small children, and other passengers who could benefit from having a seat while travelling on the bus.

According to AODA Compliance Regulation 191-11, if you are sitting in one of the designated priority seats, you must vacate the seat for a passenger with a disability. But at Guelph Transit, it’s not just about following the regulation; it’s about making transportation accessible for everyone.

Do your part to provide accessible transportation to your fellow Guelphites by leaving priority seating available for those who need it.

In addition to priority and courtesy seating areas, Guelph Transit’s full fleet offers audio and visual stop calling information inside the bus and audio and visual route name information on the exterior of the bus. All buses have low floors buses making them accessible for persons with a disability.

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