Outside water use moves down to Level 1 Yellow as season ends

Time and date lawn watering restrictions in effect until next spring

November 2, 2016, Guelph, Ont.—The City is reducing outside water use restrictions to Level 1 Yellow as the season ends. That means time and date lawn watering restrictions remain in effect until the situation is reassessed next spring.

“With recent rainfalls we’re seeing water levels rebound,” said Heather Yates, supervisor of water efficiency for the City. “We saw less than half the normal amount of precipitation we would expect between May and October this year, which made for a very dry summer.”

Guelph moved quickly into Level 1 Yellow of the Outside Water Use Program in June, and then into Level 2 Red in July.

“We sincerely want to thank our community for their cooperation with the water restrictions this summer,” noted Yates. “This is the first time since 2012 that  the Level 2 Red outside water use restrictions were in effect and we hope it’ll be several years before we see this kind of summer again.”

About the Outside Water Use Program

Lawn watering illustration

The Outside Water Use Program is designed to curb high water use demand days. When there is low precipitation and high summer temperatures, water use increases. These days are a strain on Guelph’s water system. To lower water use in drought conditions the City asks residents to reduce their outside water use and use all water wisely.

The program is actively enforced during levels 1 and 2 by the City’s By-law Enforcement Officers. By-law officers can issue a $130 ticket or court summons for each program violation.

Visit guelph.ca/water or call 519-822-1260 extension 2153 for more information about the Outside Water Use Program and for more tips on using water wisely outside and inside.

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Heather Yates, Supervisor Water Efficiency
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