New dates for loose leaf collection in Guelph

Collection will take place between November 14 and 25

Guelph, Ont., Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – With many leaves still on city trees, loose leaf collection in Guelph has been delayed by one week.

The collection, which does not include branches and other yard waste, will take place between November 14 and 25. The City will make one scheduled pick up on each street.

Residents are asked to rake leaves onto the curb the weekend prior to Monday, November 14. This will help keep storm drains clear of leaves and reduce the potential for flooding.

Residents are also reminded to not park on the street during the scheduled collection period. For safety reasons, keep children from playing in the leaves on the roadway.

After the collection period ends, residents can bag additional leaves and yard waste and drop them off at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre (110 Dunlop Drive) for a $5 flat rate fee per visit. Yard waste and leaves can also be included in the green cart for curbside collection all year.

Residents can also choose to keep leaves on their property. Yard waste and leaves provide vital nutrients to lawns and gardens. Residents can try these tips for a healthy landscape:

  • Use mulched leaves on the lawn to help control weeds and create healthier growing conditions
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn to decompose and release organic matter and valuable nutrients into your lawn
  • Try home composting—it provides free, nutrient-rich organic matter for lawns and gardens

To view the loose leaf collection schedule map, or for more information, visit

For more information

Terry Dooling
Manager, Public Works
519-822-1260 extension 3346