Arkell Springs tree thinning begins in November

Image shows the forest at Arkell Springs before thinning

Red pine plantation before thinning (photo by Eli Sagor)

Guelph, Ont., November 8, 2016—Beginning this month, red pine plantations in the northeast section of the Arkell Spring grounds will be thinned. This work is part of ongoing groundwater protection and forest care. Tree thinning will encourage the growth of a healthier and more natural forest.

Arkell Springs tree thinning has been scheduled to minimize impacts to local wildlife by avoiding work during breeding and fledging seasons.

Temporary trail closures

To ensure the safety of both workers and trails users, trails in different areas of the grounds will be closed during the Arkell Springs tree thinning. Trail closures will be posted. The City asks for users’ patience and cooperation in obeying closures.

Arkell Springs tree thinning starts mid-November

Arkell Springs forest care—or stewardship—includes removing about one third of the existing red pines. Tree thinning will improve the growing conditions for the remainder of the trees, and create gaps in the canopy which will allow other species to grow.

The City expects to begin planting a mix of trees in the newly-opened canopy gaps in 2017.

Healthy forests

Healthy, diverse forests help stabilize soil and filter water as it permeates the ground, working as an early barrier in protecting our source water. Ongoing work will help maintain and re-generate older forested areas on the property.

Forest stewardship not only helps protect our water supply, it also creates healthy habitat for a diversity of wildlife.

Read more about our work to create a healthy forest.

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