Information Items for the Week Ending June 10, 2016


  1. Provincial/Federal Consultation Protocol (see new Information Items category titled ‘Intergovernmental Consultations’)
  1. Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre Tax Exemption
  1. Bill 151 – Waste-Free Ontario Act and Strategy for a Waste Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy

Intergovernmental Consultations

  1. Inclusionary Zoning


  1. Bill 158 Resolutions:
  1. Lyme Disease Resolutions:
  1. City of Ottawa re: Sitting of Wind Power Projects
  2. Town of Gananoque re: Regulation of Fuel Prices
  3. Town of Gananoque re: Highway 3 Widening
  4. Township of South – West Oxford re: OGRA ROMA Conference
  5. Town of Amherstburg re: Cutbacks to Behavioural Therapy for Children Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder

Boards and Committees

  1. Elliot Community Board Resignation – Stephanie Kibbee

Items available in the Clerk’s Office

  1. None