Arkell Springs recharge system upgrades

Guelph, Ont., March 01, 2016—Beginning in March, a small section of the Arkell Springs forest along the roadway south of the existing recharge pond will be cleared for recharge system upgrades. This work is part of ongoing maintenance and improvements that will improve water delivery to City of Guelph customers.

Work will include the removal of trees over an area of one acre. This area is comprised primarily of buckthorn, an invasive species, with some larger white pine. Caution tape marks the perimeter of the work area and warning signs are posted where trails intersect the work area. All work will take place on City property.

Tree removal for the Arkell Springs recharge system may begin as early as the second week of March. Once work begins, trails in different areas of the property will be closed to ensure the safety of both workers and trails users. Trail closures will be marked. For reasons of safety, the City requests property users’ cooperation in obeying closures.

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