City identifying, marking hazardous trees for removal

Guelph, Ont. January 22, 2016 – Over the next couple of weeks, the City will be identifying and marking public trees in wooded areas that are dead or have the imminent potential to become a hazard.

Only trees that could fall on trails, private property, sidewalks, or roads are affected.

The identification and marking of hazardous public trees is part of the City’s regular, ongoing tree maintenance, and aligns with the Emerald Ash Borer plan. Hazardous trees located in wooded areas within local parks and woodlots across Guelph will be marked with an orange ‘X.’ Removals are scheduled to begin this year.

While the City will remove hazardous trees on public lands, property owners are reminded they are responsible for removing and disposing of hazardous trees and limbs from their properties, at their cost. A dead or dying tree becomes high risk of causing injury or damage and may be a violation of the City’s Property Standards Bylaw.

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