Guelph Public Library reveals new brand

Guelph, ON – After months of public engagement and creative development, the Guelph Public Library today unveiled its new brand including a logo, tagline and colour palette.

Guelph Public Library - Explore, Connect, Thrive

The new look presents the library as an energetic, almost kinetic assembly: a coming together of ideas, people and opportunities. Its vibrant and bold shapes and colours suggest a process of discovery, from traditional resources such as books to all sorts of additional values – either literal resources or ideas.

The tagline – Explore . Connect . Thrive – communicates an experience, a promise of all the library can be for its members. It invites the community to make use of the library’s resources as a hub for people to share their ideas as well as to connect with the outside world using the library’s technology. The new tagline reinforces the library’s commitment to provide the resources, services and leadership to help the community remain prosperous, resilient, and strong.

“Change is constant and it’s important for us to evolve as the needs of our community evolve and as other libraries are evolving,” says Guelph Public Library CEO, Steve Kraft. “Our ‘business’ today is about so much more than books, and our former logo no longer reflects the current vision of what the library is and can continue to be for our community. It was developed with care and affection by library staff and served the organization very well for more than 20 years. In the world of branding, it’s a great accomplishment to sustain a logo and brand for that long without change.”

The new brand is the result of extensive market research: engagement with the board, library staff and the community. It was a fulsome process, and an opportunity to understand what the library truly means to stakeholders. The result is one strong brand that captures the library’s connection to the community while respecting tradition to the ‘royal’ city through the predominant use of purple, along with a complementary warm gray. Together, the vibrant palette communicates a corporate, professional organization.

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Guelph Public Library
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