Charities and businesses to benefit from new donation bin by-law

City diverts waste from landfill by re-donating items

Guelph, ON, July 7, 2015 – On Thursday, July 9, the City of Guelph will begin removing non-compliant donation bins within Guelph but the donated contents will not go to waste. Local charities and businesses who have applied for a donation bin business licence will be invited to join City staff as the non-compliant bins are removed throughout July. Charities and businesses will be able to recover community-donated items before they are sent to the City’s waste facility.

While charities and business owners will be required to pay for the business licence, the licence requirement should reduce the number of donation bins in Guelph and in turn increase the donations for registered charities and businesses.

The City engaged with the public and with local charities in particular during the creation of the by-law amendment to ensure the new by-law would meet their needs. The by-law received support from those who participated.

The City is inviting members of the media to join Canadian Diabetes and City staff as a bin is removed.


Removal of non-compliant donation bin and re-donation of items


Doug Godfrey, Manager By-law Compliance, Security and Licensing

Joe Maloney, Chief Operating Officer – NDT Operations, Canadian Diabetes


Guelph Public Library, east side branch, 1 Starwood Drive, Guelph


Thursday, July 9

10:30 a.m.

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Doug Godfrey, Manager By-law Compliance, Security and Licensing
Public Services
519-822-1260 extension 2520