Construction on Provincial roads

Some roads and highways within the City of Guelph are the responsibility of the Province and are managed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Construction on these roadways is undertaken by the MTO.

Impacted roads

The following roadways are the responsibility of the MTO:

  • Highway 7 (Guelph to Kitchener)
  • Highway 7 (Guelph to Georgetown)
  • Highway 6 (Guelph to Fergus)
  • Highway 6 North (Hanlon Expressway)
15 kBRegional Road Report – Aug 5, 2015


For more information

Questions or comments about road conditions or construction on these roadways may be directed to:

Ministry of Transportation
West Regional Office
1-800-268-4686 (Toll free)

View the MTO’s interactive road condition, construction and road closure map.