Community-developed apps now available

Powered by the City’s Open Guelph initiative

Guelph, ON, June 30, 2015 – The City of Guelph has launched the Open Guelph App Gallery—a result of the City’s second Hackathon event last February.

“The apps hosted on the site were developed by members of the Open Data community, for Guelph residents,” says Blair Labelle, general manager, technology and innovation. “The City, and our Open Guelph platform, is serving as the channel to connect developers, residents and City services.”

Each app uses raw data made available by the City’s Open Data initiative to support web and mobile applications to enhance services offered to the public. Currently, the app gallery offers five applications in three categories and the City is looking to grow this number through future Hackathons and other engagement efforts.

Categories include:

Waste Sorting/Collection – a set of three apps designed to help residents sort their waste correctly

City employee contact – one app allows residents to search for City employees by name and provides email addresses

Adopt-A-Stop – similar to Adopt-a-Road programs, this app allows residents to adopt a bus stop, identify bus stop amenities, submit photos and assist the City with managing its bus stop inventory.

To view the Open Guelph App Gallery, visit

For more information

Blair Labelle, General Manager, Technology and Innovation
Corporate Services
519-822-1260 extension 2232