Twenty-one more drums removed from Wellington Street construction site

Construction Update

Notice date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

About the work

Earlier this month, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) reviewed the City’s plan to remove debris from the construction site where crews discovered and removed eight 170-litre (45-gallon) drums of chemicals in September.

Progress to date

As expected, crews have encountered metal and debris in the area.

  • Twenty-one 170-litre (45-gallon) drums have been removed.
  • Two of the drums were partially filled with liquid; the liquid was transported to a disposal facility.
  • One of the drums contained a mixture of liquids and solids; the mixture is being analyzed to determine how to dispose of it properly, and results are expected next week.

All necessary precautions are being taken to ensure people’s safety, avoid leaks and prevent odours as materials are removed, contained and transported for proper disposal.

A spill response team is on hand, and air quality is being monitored. The cleanup plan also includes erosion and dust control measures, ground water and surface water management activities, spill response protocols and contingency plans, and a site-specific health and safety plan.

Reporting odours and spills

Please report odours and spills to the MOECC Spills Action Centre at 1-800-268-6060, or call the City of Guelph at 519-837-5629.

If there is a spill or odour, please remain indoors and keep windows closed until odours subside, or until you receive further instructions.

Construction schedule and updates

When the cleanup is complete, construction crews can resume building the Paisley-Clythe watermain. The City expects to finish cleanup activities in early June. Visit for updates.

Contact the City of Guelph

Kealy Dedman, City Engineer/General Manager
Engineering Services
519-822-1260 extension 2248