We are a Fairtrade Town. Look for certified Fairtrade products

Guelph is a Fair Trade Town

On May 12, 2015, Guelph became Canada’s 20th Fair Trade Town.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade promotes discussion and awareness so we can rethink production and consumption systems, and recognize the role we play in creating a fair and sustainable world.

Producers of  fair trade-certified products get a dependable, fair price for their products , and receive financial support for community initiatives. These initiatives often improve access to health care and education. Rather than protect rights of workers, Fair trade aims to empower producers by ensuring they have access to the rights they deserve.

How is Guelph a Fair Trade Town?

A town where municipal authorities, businesses, community groups, and individuals show a strong commitment to fair trade. Guelph met the following requirements to become a fair trade town:

  • Fair Trade Town Steering Committee
  • Product availability: view the directory.
  • Public awareness and education
  • Community support
  • Political support: the City of Guelph uses fair trade-certified coffee, tea and sugar at City-hosted events at City Hall.

Goals for fair trade

  • Producers are paid a fair price that covers the cost of production and adequate living standards for hired labour.
  • Producer groups ensure high standards for labour, environmental sustainability, and respect for cultural identity.
  • Producers are paid a premuim that supports business development and community initiatves such as improving access to health and education.
  • Producers, consumers and businesses build stronger connections, reduce inefficiencies and encourage direct relationships.
  • Producers have access to credit, markets, resources, and industry knowledge.

Learn more. Get involved at fairtrade.ca