City introduces Community Older Adult Leadership Team

Leadership team to steward Guelph’s Older Adult Strategy Framework

Guelph, ON, March 25, 2015 – The City of Guelph has formed a Community Older Adult Leadership Team to guide the actions needed to make Guelph age friendly.

The leadership team, recruited through an expression of interest, represents multiple community stakeholders including older adults, caregivers, business professionals, volunteer organizations, and agencies serving older adults. The City of Guelph is providing leadership and support to the team, and one staff member is part of the team.

Members are Bonnie Burgess, Colleen Lucas, Dorothe Fair, Janet Fowler, Janine Morgan, Julie Elliotson, Karen Kew, Kelly Meeussen, Kerry Detlor, Laura Greenway-Balnar, Renee McCrea, Sandy Clipsham, Susan Brown, Ted Mahy, and Jeff Beaton.

Wendy Kornelsen, manager of Seniors Services at the City, says the team, partially funded through a Seniors Community Grant from the Government of Ontario, will work to ensure Guelph is a place that helps people stay healthy and active regardless of age.

“In Guelph, we are creating a community that encourages healthy and active aging and the well-being of older people. Successful implementation of the Older Adult Strategy requires collective commitment and involvement from across the community and as a result, the leadership team will steward the strategy and coordinate the implementation of prioritized recommendations,” says Kornelsen.

The Older Adult Strategy lists 65 recommendations to make Guelph age friendly. The leadership team will first prioritize the recommendations and then, through the creation of working groups, develop action plans to address the recommendations.

“The City of Guelph’s Community Older Adult Leadership Team is yet another example of a community working to create supportive and engaging environments for the benefits of its seniors. I am proud that our government’s Seniors Community Grant Program has been able to support this project and others across the province to help seniors stay healthy, active and engaged for as long as possible,” says Liz Sandals, member of provincial parliament for Guelph.

Information about the Older Adult Strategy, approved by Council in 2012, can be found on City’s website at An update report on the Older Adult Strategy will be presented to the Public Services Committee in June.

For more information

Wendy Kornelsen
Manager, Senior Services
519-822-1260 extension 2684