City asks people with temporary water services to prepare for sub-zero temperatures

Guelph, ON, March 18, 2015—The City is advising the 257 households and businesses with temporary water services to keep the cold water tap running as instructed when their line was set up in order to prevent the lines from freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

“We’re preparing for another cold snap in the days ahead. We don’t think we’ll see more City pipes freeze, but the temporary lines between properties might.” said Peter Busatto, the City’s Water Services plant manager.

Temporary lines may freeze as temperatures drop this week

All temporary water services should be left in place with a cold water tap running at all times until they are removed by the City. During the day, a stream about the width of a pencil is recommended.

Overnight temperatures are expected to be well below freezing for the next week. People with temporary lines should take measures to ensure there is no risk of overflow, and then increase the flow from the tap during overnight hours until temperatures are above freezing.

If temperatures remain below freezing for several days, running water may not be enough to prevent all temporary lines from freezing. Those with temporary water service should prepare some water to have on hand in the event that temporary water service is interrupted.

“We’re pleased to see people are still helping each other cope during these extreme circumstances. With temperatures dropping again this week we’re asking everyone with a temporary water service to keep their water running,” said Busatto. “People with temporary lines may also wish to fill a bathtub or some buckets with water to have on hand in case of freezing.”

If a temporary line does freeze, the City expects it will thaw relatively quickly, especially in direct sunlight. If the temporary line remains frozen for 48 hours, people should call the City for assistance.

Everyone using temporary water services is reminded to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. Temporary water service can be used for cleaning, flushing toilets and other needs. Anyone with frozen pipes can get vouchers to buy drinking water, use the showers at City recreation centres, and get free use of laundromats.

Contact Water Services

Daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 519-837-5627
After hours at 1-866-630-9242

Media contact

Peter Busatto, Plant Manager
Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2165