Guelph honoured for municipal public sector leadership

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada recognizes City’s efforts to transform local government

Toronto, ON, February 6, 2015– Yesterday, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and Deloitte recognized Guelph as one of the top three cities in the municipal category of their annual public sector leadership awards.

The IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada, through advancements in public policy and management.

Deloitte and IPAC awarded Guelph with the bronze and were particularly impressed by Guelph’s effort to work on many fronts at the same time to transform local government in order to be relevant and responsive to citizens and the business community.  including the following:

  • Co-producing an Open Government Action Plan that is principle-based and comprehensive. The City has established an Open Government Community Leadership Team; turned Council orientation into an online resource everyone can access; and created a Civic Innovation Lab in partnership with the University of Guelph.
  • Establishing a Leadership Charter signed by 150 leaders at the City of Guelph. The Charter is empowering employees to put citizens at the heart of every decision.
  • Implementing structural transformation that includes streamlining five service areas into three and begins to establish a number of solution-based round tables that— depending on the table—will bring together City Councillors, a cross-section of employees, citizens and business leaders to solve complex community issues.

“This recognition from a national public administration institute and a leading international private sector firm is a testament to our employees, Council and the Guelph community for challenging the status quo and demonstrating leadership in local government,” stated City of Guelph CAO Ann Pappert.

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