Guelph seeking $917,000 for ice-storm cleanup

Claims under Provincial Ice Storm Assistance Program due December 31

Guelph, ON, December 23, 2014 – The City of Guelph is asking the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) for $917,300 to help cover the cost of cleaning up after last December’s ice storm.

The Ministry’s Ice Storm Assistance Program is a one-time disaster assistance program estimated at $190 million. This spring, the Ministry invited 300 municipalities to submit expressions of interest in the program, and Guelph was one of 70 cities to do so.

The City has reviewed all costs related to the storm that occurred on December 21 and 22, 2013, and most are eligible for provincial funding—emergency response, overtime, temporary staff, cleaning up debris, removing hazardous trees and limbs, and other activities associated with protecting public safety, allowing access to roads sidewalks and frequently travelled routes.

Costs for replanting trees and restoring the tree canopy are not eligible for the program.

The City must submit its claim before December 31, 2014. Payments will be issued once the Ministry has reviewed the claim.

“The City appreciates any and all support the Province is able to offer, and it’s hard to say when we can expect to receive payment,” said Al Horsman. “It took us quite a while to assemble all the documentation to support the claim, so we expect it will take some time for the Province to review it.”

The City will update the community when the claim has been processed and announce any payments to be awarded. A summary of the City’s claim is provided below.

Goods and services emergency response costs $132,400

Goods and services recovery costs $229,100

Employee emergency response costs $65,200

Employee recovery costs $206,100

Claimant-owned equipment emergency response costs $24,900

Claimant-owned equipment recovery costs $259,600


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