City unveils design for McCrae House renovation

The Guelph Community Foundation announces gifts totalling $21,427

Guelph, ON, December 18, 2014 – In anticipation of next year’s centenary of the writing of In Flanders Fields by Guelph-born doctor, soldier and poet John McCrae, the City of Guelph unveiled the design for the renovated McCrae House National Historic Site of Canada.

“Guelph is so proud of Lieutenant-Colonel McCrae and the influence he had on the world,” says Tammy Adkin, manager of Guelph Museums. “We want to present his story in a way that resonates with a diverse group of visitors—from local school children to veterans to European tourists who make a pilgrimage to McCrae House. We want their experiences to inform, inspire and have a lasting impact, and we are delighted that this design sets the stage for such occasions.”

The refurbished McCrae House will focus on McCrae’s life as a doctor, adventurer, soldier and artist. In addition to exhibitions about his early life in Guelph, and his medical, military and artistic pursuits, the museum will present the poem In Flanders Fields in a dramatic fashion, with a large-scale script of the poem accompanied by an audio presentation.

BaAM Productions, an exhibition design firm based in Toronto, created the design.

Today, The Guelph Community Foundation also announced gifts totalling $21,427 from the Anne and John Lawrence Fund to support the McCrae House project. John Lawrence was a devoted Museum volunteer for 15 years, and upon his passing in 2010 he left a significant endowment with The Guelph Community Foundation, designating McCrae House as the beneficiary of that fund.

The first gift of $10,000 was made in 2013 followed by a contribution this month of $11,427. The Guelph Community Foundation executive director Chris Willard indicated that McCrae House will continue to receive gifts in perpetuity from the Anne and John Lawrence Fund.

“Anne and John Lawrence’s generosity leaves a legacy that continues to support their interests and build community through their endowment fund held at The Guelph Community Foundation,” says Willard. “This is a wonderful example of a charitable legacy that will have impact for generations.”

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