City’s credit rating holding strong

Guelph, ON, August 29, 2014 – Today, Standards & Poor’s Rating Services (Standards & Poor’s) announced that the City of Guelph’s credit rating continues to be strong and remains at AA+ with a stable outlook.

“We are very pleased to see Guelph’s credit rating reaffirmed this year,” said City Chief Financial Officer, Al Horsman “The AA+ rating reaffirms our belief that the City ‘s financial position remains very positive.”

According to the Standard & Poor’s Ratings Direct Research Update the rating reflects Guelph’s, “very strong economic fundamentals, budgetary flexibility, exceptional liquidity position and low debt burden.”

The credit rating, which may help to lower the City’s borrowing rate, also reflects Standard & Poor’s view that Guelph demonstrates strong financial management, as evidenced by very low level of contingent liabilities, low debt levels and strong liquidity which fare much better than many Ontario municipalities.

“Seeing our credit rating continue to remain strong is good for our community, and is a testament to Council’s commitment to sound financial management policies and practices,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge. “It also reflects growing interest in Guelph from the investment and development sectors – an interest the City’s new Enterprise Services Division has helped drive.”

The Standards & Poor’s website offers further information about changes to Guelph’s credit rating and the Ratings Direct Research Update.

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