Arkell Springs forest tree marking begins in September

Guelph, Ont., August 21, 2014—Beginning in September, red pine plantations in the northeast section of the Arkell Springs forest will be assessed and rows of trees will be marked for removal. This work is part of ongoing groundwater and forest stewardship and will encourage succession toward a more natural and healthy native mixed forest. This involves removing about a third of the pines to improve the growing conditions for the remainder, and to create gaps in the canopy to accommodate regeneration of better-suited species. During marking, trails will continue to be open and accessible to users.

Image shows sign indicating tree marking is being done in Arkell Springs forestTree removals may begin as early as December 2014. Once the work begins, trails in different areas of the forest will be closed to ensure the safety of both workers and trails users. Trail closures will be posted at that time and we ask for your patience and cooperation in obeying closures. We will provide you with more accurate timing information once tree removal has been scheduled.

Note that tree removals will be scheduled to minimize impacts to local wildlife, avoiding work during breeding and fledging seasons. To augment natural regeneration, plantings of native hardwood and evergreens in the newly-created canopy gaps are planned to begin in 2016.

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