Council unanimously approves Water Supply Master Plan update

Guelph, ON, July 29, 2014 – Last night, Council unanimously voted to approve an update to the City’s 2007 Water Supply Master Plan. This update forecasts and makes plans for water use and access to a safe and sustainable water supply for our growing community—residential, industrial and commercial—over the next 25 years.

The Water Supply Master Plan update process involved extensive public consultation, input from a Community Liaison Community, and feedback from agency representatives and local municipalities. The update process also included a 30–day review period during which interested parties were invited to provide comments and ask questions.

Conservation and demand management remain the key options for meeting our current and future water supply needs, with new groundwater supplies from existing, offline wells, test wells and new wells inside the city limits also helping to meet future needs. Other recommendations and options include improvements to the water planning and approval process, a by-law to restrict new private groundwater supply wells within the City limits, and a possible far future treatment plant for a surface water supply from Guelph Lake.

To review the Council–approved Water Supply Master Plan update, please visit and follow the Water Supply Master Plan link.

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