August 5, 2014 PBEE Report

After releasing draft versions of these documents for public and stakeholder review in April, a St. George's Square report that brings together three key urban design documents will go before the Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment (PBEE) Committee on August 5. The proposed concept for St. George’s Square, the Downtown Streetscape Manual and the Built Form Standards are central to transforming Guelph’s downtown and crucial in achieving the city’s long-term City-building vision.

These documents are part of the planning for the significant renewal of the downtown to create a more socially and economically vibrant place, and to reinforce its role as a major destination and an emerging urban neighbourhood.

August 5 PBEE Report Only

Attachment 1 – Downtown Streetscape Manual, St George’s Square Concept Plan and Downtown Built Form Standards

Attachment 2 – April 7, 2014 PBEE report
Attachment 3 – St George’s Square Activation Vignettes
Attachment 4 – Public Comments Received after April, 2014
Attachment 5 – Public and Stakeholder Engagement Undertaken