City preparing for demolition of Wilson Farmhouse

Guelph, ON, June 17, 2014 – The City has issued an Request For Proposal (RFP) to demolish the Wilson Farmhouse. It is anticipated the demolition work will start in July and be completed in early August.

On May 21, at a special meeting of Council devoted to the Wilson Farmhouse, Council heard delegations from several members of the community. In the end, Council passed a resolution to allow for the demolition of the farmhouse.

Physical features from the farmhouse will be documented and salvaged, where possible, as directed by the City’s senior heritage planner.

As per the Council resolution, City staff is currently working to withdraw the Notice of Intention to Designate for the property known as 80 Simmonds Drive, in accordance with Section 29 (14)(b) of the Ontario Heritage Act. Demolition will occur once the Notice of Intention to Designate has been withdrawn.

Two mature black walnut trees will be protected during demolition.

The land area surrounding the farmhouse will be retained as parkland and the City will integrate the parcel into the Wilson Farm Park Master Plan.

About Wilson Farmhouse

Wilson Farmhouse is a City-owned, two-storey farmhouse built about 1880. The building measures 2,263 square feet. Currently, 80 Simmonds Drive is zoned P.2 Parkland. In 2005, the City acquired the farmhouse as part of a parkland dedication in the Northern Heights subdivision.

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