132 Harts Lane

The proposed Draft Plan of Residential Subdivision would subdivide the property to allow the creation of lots and blocks to accommodate 316 dwelling units.The proposed plan would create lots and blocks to accommodate single-detached, semi-detached, townhouse and apartment dwellings including the retention of the existing single-detached dwelling on the site. The plan also creates blocks for parkland, a storm water management facility, walkway/servicing and open space.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment applies to the 1.02 hectare, Block 120 identified on the subdivision plan. The Amendment requests the addition of an exemption clause in Section 7.2.32 of the Official Plan, which would allow the net density of the lands at 132 Harts Lane to not exceed 150 units per hectare.

The proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment would rezone the lands to a variety of residential zones to implement the draft plan of subdivision.

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