Guelph urban design summit 2014

Delivering change on the ground

On May 5 and 6, 2014 the City of Guelph held an Urban Design Summit to examine how cities are growing and changing. With an increased focus on mixed-use and higher-density development, good urban design is critical to ensure growth is being proactively and thoughtfully planned. This is the essence of successful City-building and the vision of cities across Ontario.

Summary of outcomes

Evening Public Forum – May 5, 2014

Panelists included David Miller, President of World Wildlife Fund Canada and 63rd Mayor of Toronto, and Andrew Howard, co-founder of Build a Better Block, for a discussion on how good urban design creates more livable and enduring places. The discussion was moderated by Ric Young, one of Canada’s leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of social change.

David Miller, World Wildlife Federation Canada
Andrew Howard, Build a Better Block
Ric Young


As part of the Urban Design Summit, Guelph wanted to learn from other cities about how they use urban design to grow and change. The following video presentation from Andrew Howard, Build a Better Block, illustrates a grassroots approach to urban design undertaken in the Oak Cliff neighbourhood in Dallas, Texas.

Professional Workshop – May 6, 2014

This full-day workshop focused on urban design tools and strategies, addressing the challenge of implementing great urban design. Presentations from leading thinkers in urban design included Joe Minicozzi, Helena Grdadolnik and Tim Smith.


Helena Grdadolnik - Workshop Architecture

Tim Smith - Urban Strategies

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