Lightwire Theater brings classic tales to life in family-friendly show through light, music and dance

Guelph, ON March 13, 2014 – Lightwire Theater, in conjunction with Corbian Visual Arts and Dance, will bring two classic tales to life in their signature style when they perform at Guelph’s River Run Centre. The company, which blends cutting edge music, dance, technology and theatre, will present its unique interpretations of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling, and Aesop’s fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. The show, presented as part of the Guelph Mercury Family Shows series, takes place on Saturday, March 29 on the Main Stage at 2pm. It is recommended for audience members ages three and up.

Founded in 2007, Lightwire Theater combines the ancient art of full body puppetry with modern technology. The company toured extensively with their successful breakout show, Darwin the Dinosaur. They gained international attention in 2012 when they were featured on Season 7 of America’s Got Talent. Audiences were wowed by their innovative method of storytelling. They sculpt electroluminescent wire into life-sized battery powered puppets. Performers don these giant, glowing puppets, and in the dark of the theatre space bring stories to life through compelling, choreographed movement.

In addition to being visually compelling and entertaining, this performance offers timeless lessons for audience members of all ages. The Ugly Duckling reminds us that we should never judge by appearances, and The Tortoise and The Hare demonstrate that slow and steady wins the race. While the core characters and plotlines remain in tact, LIghtwire Theater applies its own twists and variations in its interpretation of these tales. By combining illumination, a darkened theatre and larger-than-life puppets, LIghtwire has developed a style that is truly one-of-a-kind. Their shows must be seen live to fully appreciate the magic they create.

Tickets start at $20 for adults and $17 for children. $5 eyeGO tickets are available for high school students with valid ID. $20 uGO tickets are available to university and college students with valid ID. Tickets are available at the River Run Box Office at 519-763-3000, or online at

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