City continues storm cleanup, recovery

High-traffic parks and trails cleared of hazards, open to the public

Guelph, ON, February 10, 2014 – City crews continue to make progress on storm cleanup and recovery following December’s ice storm.

Due to the depth of snow on the ground, crews are currently focused on aerial work in the tree canopy. The hard-hit Brant Avenue/Muskoka Drive area has received this treatment, and crews are now moving south of Speedvale Avenue East, and will proceed to move southward on the city’s east side.

All high-traffic park areas and main community trails have been cleared of hazards and blockages and are open to the public. These include the Eramosa River and Hanlon Creek trails, Royal City Park, Riverside Park, and Exhibition Park.

The City’s forestry activities are prioritized as per the following phases:

1. Remove highest-risk hazards: branches hanging over hydro wires, near critical facilities, or blocking roadways or driveways.
2. Address blocked sidewalks.
3. Clear community trails and high-traffic park areas.
4. Remove marked trees, clear boulevards and parks, and prune City trees.
5. Grind up remaining tree stumps and plant replacement trees.

Phase 1 and 2 of cleanup are complete. It is anticipated Phase 3 will be completed by mid-February, and Phase 4 will be wrapped up by late 2014. Crews are concurrently working on Phase 3 and Phase 4 activities to make the most efficient use of equipment and staff resources. The timing of Phase 5 will be based on Phase 4 completion and is estimated to occur in spring 2015 at the earliest.

The City is asking for people’s patience and assistance during Guelph’s recovery from recent storms.

  • Please be patient as City crews continue to pick up and chip branches and brush. Branches that are frozen in snow banks or buried in snow will be addressed after the snow melts.
  • Continue to report tree hazards to or call 519-837-5628 and include your name, contact information and the street address where the tree is located.
  • Bring fallen branches and brush from private properties to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre at 110 Dunlop Drive for free disposal.
  • Even with recent progress in parks and on trails, continue to use caution in these areas.
  • Please keep fire hydrants clear of snow.
  • Help keep storm drains clear.

The City’s winter maintenance service helps ensure community safety every day, and in the event of extreme weather. The City will provide continued updates to the community, and invites people to subscribe to updates using Twitter or Facebook.

For more information

Martin Neumann
Manager of Forestry
Public Works Department
519-822-1260 extension 3337