Proposed 2014 Development Charges: updated January 7, 2014

Following the presentation of the 2013 Development Charges (DC) Background Study and proposed DC By-law on November 18, 2013, City Council requested further information regarding Guelph’s plans for development charges.

On January 27, 214, City Council will discuss the matter further. Before approving Guelph’s updated DC By-law, Council will consider the following information, including a summary provided by representatives of the development community (Peer Review Team).

  • Proposed DC rates have been adjusted in light of information from technical reviews in two categories: Outdoor Recreation and Services Related to a Highway. The rate for single detached dwelling was reduced by $26 per unit. The non-residential rate was increased by $.06 per square foot
  • Guelph proposes a revised rate of $27,232 per single detached unit and $9.09 per non-residential square foot
  • A detailed review of recent non-residential development trends reinforced staff’s recommendation for a single (blended) non-residential rate

Further information about the DC Background Study and proposed 2014 DC By-law and rates is provided in the following documents.

View the the 2013 Background Study

2013 DC Study Addendum January 7, 2014 Staff Report FIN-14-01: Proposed 2014 Development Charges By-law and Rates Proposed 2014 Development Charges updated January 7, 2014

Summary of Comments from the Peer Review Team

On January 8, 2014, the Peer Review Team submitted a final summary acknowledging the value of Guelph’s stakeholder  consultation process, and outlining the outstanding areas of disagreement.

It is also important to highlight areas where advice from the Peer Review Team was used to improve the quality of the study, and the resulting proposed by-law and rates. Input from the Peer Review Team was especially helpful with respect to:

  • Ensuring all potential grants and subsidies are accounted for and deducted appropriately;
  • Linking projects identified in the Background Study to Council-approved Master Plans and Studies—questioning material differences, additions or removals of projects from the 2008 Background Study;
  • Providing feedback and advice on service standard calculations that appeared materially different or inconsistent with industry norms;
  • Challenging capital infrastructure cost assumptions and ensuring all necessary deductions (benefit to existing and post period benefit) were considered;
  • Strengthening the Local Service Policy—improved clarity regarding developer responsibility, City standards and corporate policies;
  • Ensuring consistent assumptions are used when modelling and forecasting water, wastewater and linear infrastructure, particularly with regard to conservation targets; and,
  • Reviewing assumptions used in the growth forecast and reviewing the feasibility of intensification targets, and the adequacy of available land supply.
Development Charges: Peer Review Summary

Peer review comments and correspondence

Here you will find more detailed, unedited correspondence between the City of Guelph and the Peer Review Team over the past year.

DC Peer Review Correspondence: Growth DC Peer Review Comments: Local Service Policy DC Peer Review Correspondence: Transit DC Peer Review Correspondence: 10-Year Services DC Peer Review Correspondence: 19-year Services

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