Guelph District Energy Partners

City of Guelph

Guelph is creating a healthy, reliable and sustainable energy future by improving how Guelph uses and manages energy and water resources. Together with its community partners, the City is working together to ensure Guelph uses using less energy in 25 years than it does today, consumes less energy per capita than comparable Canadian cities, and produces less greenhouse gas per capita than the current global average.

Guelph’s District Energy Strategic Plan

The Corporation of the City of Guelph is responsible for providing municipal services to the citizens of Guelph as directed by Guelph City Council, and in accordance with the Ontario Municipal Act.

Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. (GMHI)

A company set up by Guelph City Council to manage select City of Guelph assets, maximize their revenue potential, and strengthen community prosperity. GMHI functions differently than a municipal government, and can respond to the conditions of a business investment environment. It is an independent, self-funding corporation governed by a Board of Directors that reports directly to Guelph City Council, and thus to Guelph citizens.

Envida Community Energy Inc.

Owned by Guelph Hydro Inc., Envida Community Energy is the primary implementer and key developer of high-efficiency, low-carbon energy projects that are helping Guelph achieve the goals of the Guelph Community Energy Initiative while facilitating economic development in the community. The company operates a 100-kilowatt solar facility, the Eastview Biogas Plant and a district energy facility in the Sleeman Centre in Guelph.