Above and beyond waste diversion

Six years ago, we committed to drastically cut the amount of waste we send to landfill over 13 years.

To keep us on track, we set three targets:

  • divert 55 per cent of waste from landfill by 2011
  • divert 65 per cent by 2016
  • divert 70 per cent by 2021

Bull’s eye—only better!

Together, through diligent waste sorting, using carts instead of plastic bags, and processing our organic waste at our new facility, we diverted 68 per cent of our waste from landfill in 2012. That’s three per cent more waste diverted from landfill four years sooner than expected!

We’re number one!

In fact, Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) confirmed Guelph has the best overall waste diversion rate and highest organics diversion rate of all 400 Ontario municipalities that participate in WDO’s annual datacall.

2008 versus 2012
 Type of waste 2008  2012
 Organics (diverted from landfill)  6,800 tonnes 13,800 tonnes
 Recyclables (diverted from landfill)  11,700 tonnes 15,800 tonnes
 Garbage (sent to landfill)  28,000 tonnes 14,000 tonnes

These figures have been validated by Waste Diversion Ontario.

How do we compare?
Average resident Average amount of waste generated each year, per capita Average amount of waste diverted from landfill each year, per capita
Guelph (2012)  356 kilograms  241 kilograms
Ontario (2011)  359 kilograms  118 kilograms

Source for Ontario and average amount of waste generated each year: Waste Diversion Ontario

What’s next?

Guelph, we’re achieving more than ever before! Let’s keep this momentum going and now focus on generating less waste.

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