Exercise caution when going outside

Updated on Tuesday, December 24 at 12:30 p.m.

Guelph, ON, December 23, 2013 – The City is asking people to exercise caution when going outside as City staff continue to address the aftermath of the ice storm.

Guelph Transit routes are on schedule. Guelph Transit is back online. Phones, email and social media are working.

Guelph Hydro is reporting a small number of customers are still without power at this time. City staff and Guelph Hydro officials are contacting impacted customers who might require assistance with shelter or food. Guelph-Wellington Emergency Medical Services and Guelph Fire Department crews are assisting by going door to door to ensure the safety of residents. The City has also alerted Red Cross and Social Service officials in the event any immediate needs are identified. If you still do not have power and require immediate emergency assistance please contact the City at 519-837-5628.

“We are working to ensure that any households who still do not have power have the assistance they need,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge. “My thanks to the City of Guelph and Guelph Hydro staff who have been working around the clock to deal with the aftermath of the storm.”

Please continue to be patient as Public Works and Guelph Hydro crews address icy residential roads and sidewalks, downed trees and power outages across the city.

Due to numerous sites with downed branches, several road closures, and power outages in the area residents are asked consider the following for safety:

  • Drive 30 km/h on residential streets, which are still icy and slick. City crews continue to clear and salt the roads. Please use extra care while navigating around crews at work
  • Drive according to road conditions, pack an emergency car kit, view caution tape like a road closure, and treat any non-functioning traffic signals like a four-way stop
  • Call 911 to report downed power lines, stay clear and please be patient as Guelph Hydro and City crews respond
  • Stay out of parks and treed areas as trees continue to be impacted by ice and may fall or lose branches. Clearing downed trees and branches remains a priority for City staff.
  • To report a fallen tree please contact operations@guelph.ca or call 519-837-5628, be sure to include the street address where the tree is located. Please be patient as calls are prioritized
  • Move cars off the street to make room for salt trucks, and help clear storm drains in residential areas
  • Please be careful when walking. Most sidewalks should be cleared and treated with salt by this evening. Be a good neighbour, if you have salt available, help treat icy sidewalks in your neighbourhood
  • Be cautious around waterways and ponds as temperatures hover around freezing
  • Do not use outdoor appliances indoors; fuel powered generators, barbecues and patio heaters can cause lethal carbon monoxide build-up
  • Once the storm is over, please bring fallen branches and trees from private properties to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre at 110 Dunlop Drive for free disposal. View public drop off hours.

Guelph City Hall and the West End Community Centre are no longer serving as warming centres.

The Sleeman Centre and River Run Centre will remain open as long as they have power.

The Sparkles in the Park event at Riverside Park is canceled.

“We’re working as fast as we can to make sure people can travel through the city safely, but it’s going to take some time,” said Shawn Armstrong, general manager of Emergency Services. “We’re asking for people’s patience.”

The City may continue to experience downed power lines as branches fall. Please check to make sure your 72 hour emergency kit is ready and well stocked.

The City’s winter maintenance service helps ensure community safety every day, and during this exceptional weather event. City emergency management staff will continue to monitor this situation as it evolves, and provide updates to the community.

Media contact

Shawn Armstrong
General Manager, Fire and Emergency Services/Fire Chief
519-822-1260 x 2125