Guelph drivers urged to slow down around snow plows

Second Annual Let Us Lead The Way Campaign launches in Guelph

The City of Guelph is distributing this media release on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Road Builders’ Association

Guelph, ON, December 13, 2013 – Guelph drivers are being asked to slow down when they share the roads with snow plows this winter. This call to action came from the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) as its second annual safe winter driving campaign stopped in Guelph today to help prevent unsafe driving around snow plows.

“We want to make the roads safer for Guelph residents by reminding everyone of the dangers trying to pass a snow plow,” said Geoff Wilkinson, Executive Director, Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA). “To help prevent collisions and injuries we are asking all drivers to show caution on the road when they see a snow plow’s flashing blue light, and let the plow lead the way. It’s a simple message to prevent injuries and save lives.”

Ontario’s Education Minister and local MPP for Guelph Liz Sandals joined ORBA’s Let Us Lead The Way, Snow Plow Safety campaign along with Rodney Keller, the general manager of Public Works for the City of Guelph today to discuss safe winter driving tips.

“Thank you to the Ontario Road Builders’ Association for raising awareness on such an important issue,” said Liz Sandals, Minister of Education and MPP for Guelph. “I encourage Guelph drivers to listen to this important message by driving with caution on unsafe winter roads and slow down when you see that flashing blue light ahead.”

Approximately 1,000 snow plows and salt/sand spreaders will be out clearing Ontario’s highways this winter.

“Ontario’s winter maintenance crews work hard to make sure our highways are salted, sanded and cleared of snow, but drivers need to do their part to stay safe. Stay alert, slow down and stay in control – and never pass a snow plow,” said Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation and Minister of Infrastructure.

Each year a number of major winter collisions are caused by Ontarians driving too fast and dangerously trying to pass a snow plow. The Ontario Provincial Police say drivers can prevent collisions by being cautious when approaching snow plows.

“Passing a snow plow is dangerous and could result in a severe, even fatal, collision,” said OPP Sgt. Dave Woodford. “Motorists must always remember when you see the blue flashing lights of a snow plow, remain at a safe distance behind the plows.”

“Each winter the City works diligently to ensure our roads are clear and safe for motor vehicles to travel and pedestrians to cross. We ask that drivers in Guelph do their part by sharing the road and being cautious around snow plows,” said Rodney Keller, general manager of Public Works for the City of Guelph.

About the campaign

ORBA’s Let Us Lead The Way campaign, which began in 2012, is supported by Guelph snow plow operators, maintenance contractors, and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). It’s goal is to raise awareness about safe winter driving, and prevent collisions involving snow plows.

Snow plow safety tips

  • Be patient and keep a safe distance behind working snow plows.
  • Slow down, never pass or drive beside a snow plow.
  • When approaching a snow plow from the opposite direction, stay right, allowing enough space for the plow to operate safely.

For more safe winter driving tips, information on road conditions and campaign updates go to

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