Council to consider City’s first Intergovernmental Framework December 16

New strategic framework to guide City’s relationship and influence building activities among government partners

Guelph, On, December 3, 2013 – Today the City’s Governance Committee unanimously approved the City’s first Intergovernmental Framework and Action Plan.

The framework’s proposed actions will help the City create stronger ties with other levels of government.

“This work is important because the decisions made by federal and provincial governments impact our community; building better relationships with these government agencies will help ensure the needs of Guelph residents and businesses are not only heard but well understood,” said Barb Swartzentruber, the City’s Senior Advisor of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Currently, all City departments take part in a range of individual intergovernmental activities that often include responding to policy consultations, developing funding applications, and participating in municipal associations.

“This work can be enhanced through a coordinated and strategic approach. We know we can achieve better results when we provide consistent information and communicate the City’s priorities and concerns—in a comprehensive way—to provincial and federal governments,” added Swartzentruber.

Each proposed action within the plan falls within one of three areas of focus—progressive thought leadership, policy and advocacy, and strategic partnerships—which will be achieved through advocacy, collaboration, education and promotion activities.

The report also identifies the anticipated outcomes of the intergovernmental efforts, which will form the basis for annual measurement of the activities’ success.

The framework and action plan will be considered by Council on December 16.

If approved, City employees will report back on an approach for setting annual and term of Council intergovernmental priorities within the Corporate Strategic Planning process for the 2015–18 Council term.

Read the framework starting on page 9.

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Barbara Swartzentruber
Senior Advisor of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs
Office of the Chief Administrator Officer
519-822-1260 extension 3066