Framing Guelph’s economic growth

Guelph, On, November 8, 2013 – On Tuesday, November 12, Guelph’s Corporate Administration, Finance and Enterprise Committee will receive a report and presentation framing Guelph’s economic investment strategy.

The report outlines the role of the City’s Enterprise Services as a collaborator and facilitator in achieving growth in Guelph’s economy and highlights projects happening in Downtown Guelph.

Identified as a priority in Prosperity 2020, investment in Guelph’s downtown core is being implemented through the City’s Downtown Secondary Plan and Downtown Community Improvement Plan.

“We developed a vision, created momentum, and started key projects. The City’s role is becoming increasingly important in creating an active investment environment for Guelph,” says Ian Panabaker, corporate manager of Downtown Renewal.

Current projects include the Thermal Energy Network, Parking Master Plan, Streetscape and Built Form Manuals, Baker Street development, Joint Campus business case, and facilitating private sector development. “These projects highlight the need for a new forward-looking investment approach.”

“Transforming Guelph’s historic core has become an essential component in the City’s economic development strategy. Seizing these opportunities will make the city significantly more productive and valuable by increasing the tax assessment base by three to four times,” adds Panabaker.

The presentation will illustrate the relationships between the individual projects and the transformation happening in the core. The Downtown Guelph Strategic Assessment provides the rationale and framework for these projects as well as the need for coordinated implementation and a comprehensive investment strategy.

In January, members of Council will be invited to participate in a financial framework workshop to understand these additional investments. The public will also have an opportunity to learn more about the proposed Guelph Economic Investment Strategy in early 2014.

For more information

Ian Panabaker
Corporate Manager
Downtown Renewal
519-822-1260 extension 2475