Council approves 3.5 per cent water, wastewater rate increases for 2014

Guelph’s Non-tax-supported budget receives Council approval

Guelph, ON, November 5, 2013 – Earlier this evening, Council approved the City’s Water and Wastewater Services, Building Code Administration and Court Services budgets.

“This is the lowest water and wastewater rate increase in five years,” said Janet Laird, executive director of Planning, Building Engineering and Environment. “The City’s infrastructure renewal programs, along with residents’ participation in our water conservation programs, have contributed to this low increase. We all have a role to play in keeping our water and wastewater services efficient and affordable, and we’re glad to have the support of City Council and the community.”

2014 water and wastewater rates effective January 1, 2014
rates 2013 2014 CHANGE
WATER VOLUME – $/CUBIC METRE (M3) $1.38 $1.43 $0.05
WATER BASIC – $/DAY $0.24 $0.25 $0.01
WASTEWATER VOLUME – $/CUBIC METRE (M3) $1.52 $1.59 $0.07
WASTEWATER BASIC – $/DAY $0.31 $0.31 $0.00

Average residential annual bill (200 m3* consumption, January 1 rate change) changes from $781 to $808 (a $27 or 3.5% increase). *City estimate of average annual volume of water consumed by a Guelph household of 3 people. View more information about water and wastewater rates.

Water Services
The $26.4 million operating budget and $194 million 10-year capital budget and forecast for Water Services allows Guelph to continue delivering a safe and sustainable water supply while renewing its aging infrastructure.

Wastewater Services
The $28.3 million operating and $169 million 10-year capital budget and forecast supports continued optimization of Guelph’s wastewater systems.

Building Services
The approved $2.9 million operating and $49,000 10-year capital budget and forecast includes continued investments to improve the City’s online building permit application system, and enhance service to residential and commercial customers.

Court Services
The approved $3.6 million operating and $603,000 10-year capital budget and forecast includes plans to implement convenient e-ticket processes.

The Non-tax-supported budget is the first of four to be approved by City Council. View the 2014 budget schedule and related budget documents and reports at

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Al Horsman
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Finance and Enterprise Services
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Janet Laird
Executive Director
Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment
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