Highlights of Guelph’s Capital Investment Strategy

The City carefully assesses and prioritizes more than 350 capital plans and projects to determine how to meet the long-term needs of the community in a way that’s affordable for taxpayers.

To maintain the City’s critical infrastructure and enhance Guelph’s quality of life, the City considers which investments are important to make and when, how much the City can afford each year, how much it will need to save for future years, and how to ensure contingency funds are available in the event of a crisis.

Again this year, the proposed capital budget is largely focused on keeping Guelph’s facilities and infrastructure in good repair, ensuring accessibility, and meeting Guelph’s legislated requirements. Here are a few highlights:

What’s in, and why

Taking care of what we own

Building maintenance and repairs

  • $23.5 million over the next 10 years
  • Most high and medium risk structural assessments are complete and repairs are scheduled or underway
  • $5.2 million in repairs are scheduled over the next three years
  • $1.3 million in continued structural assessments and repairs are scheduled for the next three years of the capital forecast

Vehicle and equipment projects

  • $8.2 million in 2014 and $123.5 over the next 10 years
  • Ongoing replacement of existing assets

Victoria Road Recreation Centre

  • $7.2 million renovation scheduled for 2014 to 2016
  • Upgrade aging facility to meet accessibility requirements and accommodate growth

Transportation network rehabilitation

  • $5.5 million in 2014
  • To help address Guelph’s aging infrastructure, upgrades to the city’s existing transportation network include improving pavement condition, road rehabilitation and street light replacement
  •  Ongoing infrastructure maintenance and capital asset management

Enhancing Guelph’s Quality of Life

Major road expansion projects

  • Clair/Laird/Hanlon Interchange—$13.5 million DC debt-funded project is required as part of agreement mandated by the province (Ontario Municipal Board decision)
  • Silvercreek Parkway/CN Rail Grade Separation—$10 million required as part of redevelopment of Lafarge lands
  • Stone Road expansion from Evergreen Road to Victoria Road—$5.2 including enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities

Wellington Street Park Lands

  • $16 million in 2022, of which $9 million is debt-funded
  • Land purchase is critical to implementing the Council-approved Downtown Secondary Plan
  • Project will improve active transportation and trail connections and enhance community spaces along the Speed River

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health

  • $11.9 million debt-funded City contribution
  • Legislatively required costs associated with building new, local public health facility

Eastview Community Park

  • $200,000 in 2014
  • additional $6.5 million over the next 5 years
  • ongoing implementation of Council-approved Community Park Master Plan

Active transportation

  • $150,000 study in 2014 to better understand the need for pedestrian and cycling facilities in the community
  • Annual funding of $300,000 starting in 2014 to design and build active transportation facilities
  • Woodlawn Road is an immediate priority, and the City has identi ed other areas where funding will be allocated over the next three years

Skateboard Facility

  • $100,000 for design in 2014
  • $700,000 for construction in 2015

What’s changed, and why

Each year, the City reviews its annual capital budget and 10-year forecast to make any necessary adjustments to ensure Guelph’s long-term plans and investments continue to reflect the needs of the community and the organization.

Taking care of what we own

Guelph Police Headquarters

  • In 2012 Council approved $13.6 million to upgrade Guelph Police Headquarters
  • $20.4 million in 2014, total budget $34 million of which $31.6 million is debt-funded
  • Guelph Police provided updated information about required improvements to upgrade the aging facility, address legislative and health and safety concerns, accommodate growth, and enhance services.
  • The proposed capital budget includes this debt-funded project next year with the provision that Guelph Police Services provides a business case outlining the options considered and substantiating all project costs.

Corporate Technology Strategy

  • Due to slower than expected launch, development and implementation of the Corporate Technology Strategy will take place over five years rather than three
  • $259,000 investment is scheduled for 2014, and the progress of the project will be re-evaluated mid-year
  • Invest $1 million less than forecasted in 2014-15
  • Invest $600,000 in 2016–17 for a net reduction of $400,000

What’s not, and why

In keeping with the City’s commitment to ensure a¬ffordability for taxpayers, renew essential infrastructure and reduce its use of debt, several sought-after new facilities are not included in the proposed capital budget and forecast. In reviewing and prioritizing hundreds of capital plans and projects each year, many are not included in the forecast due to lack of funding, or incomplete project plans.

The City is working to prepare the following projects for implementation and, when each is supported by a comprehensive business case reflect all aspects of funding, planning, building, and operations, the City can schedule an a¬ffordable and sustainable investment in its long-term financial plan. In creating these business cases, the City can consider di¬fferent funding options including grants or subsidies from other levels of government, partnerships, fundraising or crowd-sourcing, selling existing assets, user fees, special taxes or levies etc.

The City recognizes the importance of these projects and how they will enhance Guelph’s quality of life. The City remains committed to delivering these facilities in future years, and will continue providing updates on these and similar projects at least once a year through the capital budget process.

Enhancing Guelph’s quality of life

Baker Street Redevelopment

  • To renew and revitalize Guelph’s downtown, Guelph is planning multi-use development involving public and private partners
  • City assembling several properties on and around Baker Street in preparation
  • City exploring partnership opportunities with other levels of government and the private sector to determine what to build and how it can be financed
  • Financial commitment would depend on the configuration of the development and partnership arrangements

Downtown Library

  • Guelph has outgrown its main library, and recognizes the need for a different facility
  • City and Library staff¬ are working to understand the scope and size of facility required, and the potential impact on the operation of existing Library network
  • Difficult to determine potential cost of project when the size and scope have not been established

South End Community Centre

  • The City appreciates the need for a multi-use community facility in Guelph’s south end
  • An assessment is underway to better understand current and future needs in the area, with an expected report to council in mid-2014
  • The City will develop a business case and funding plan based on the assessment findings regarding the required size of the facility and appropriate amenities

Fire/Emergency Services/Police Joint Training Facility

  • The three departments are beginning to discuss the need for a joint training facility, and the benefits of sharing a single space

Guelph Farmer’s Market

  • Renovations made this year ensure it is a safe and functional place to work
  • City, vendors, and shoppers agree the Guelph Farmers’ Market requires a larger facility
  • The City is evaluating its needs to determine what actions are appropriate to facilitate the Guelph Farmers’ Market’s continued success

Watson Road Transit Facility Expansion

  • As the City grows, so does its need for public transit
  • Guelph Transit requires additional space as service levels continue to expand
  • The City is investigating the future needs for the facility to ensure any expansion is appropriate and affordable

2014-2023 Proposed Capital Budget