Community members invited to comment on City budget

First of four budget presentations takes place October 1

Guelph, ON, Thursday, September 19 – The City is improving opportunities for community members to get involved as staff and Council present, discuss, deliberate and approve the City’s budget.

On Tuesday, October 1, City staff will present Guelph’s Capital Investment Strategy: proposed 2014-2023 Capital Budget and Forecast. During the meeting, community members are invited to make presentations supporting specific investments in buildings, roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, parks, trails, and other assets and infrastructure.

“Councillors listen and respond to community feedback throughout the year, and we recognize public input is a critical part of the City’s annual budget process,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge. “We’re encouraging people to write to us and talk with us about specific projects in October to give everyone more time to reflect and discuss capital investments, their impact on taxpayers, and their benefit to the community,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge.

To ensure affordability for taxpayers, most of the City’s proposed capital investments focus on keeping facilities and infrastructure in good repair, ensuring accessibility, and meeting Guelph’s legislated requirements.

“First, we focus on taking care of what we own, then we plan strategic investments designed to enhance Guelph’s quality of life,” said Al Horsman, Guelph’s Chief Financial Officer. “We’re also exploring innovative funding sources to avoid using debt to fund new projects.”

View highlights of Guelph’s Capital Investment Strategy

View Guelph’s Capital Investment Strategy:
proposed 2014-2023 Capital Budget and Forecast

Guelph’s Financial Strategy will be presented in four sections

  • Capital Investment Strategy: 2014-2023 proposed Capital Budget and Forecast
  • Non-tax-supported Strategy: 2014 proposed Operating and Capital Budget and Forecast
  • Tax-supported Operating Strategy: 2014 proposed Operating Budget and Forecast
  • Local Boards and Shared Services Strategy: 2014 proposed Operating and Capital Budget

Visit for a complete schedule, and continued updates about Guelph’s Financial Strategy.

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